Steps to buying Logan Utah Houses

1)  Get qualified with a loan officer, so your Logan Utah Real Estate Agents will know how much you qualify for. I recommend calling Jeanette at MetLife at 45 East 200 North Suite 102, her number is (435)792-6086

2)  Pick a professional Realtor who can help you find the right home for you and will help you save money.

3)  Go look at homes with your Realtor.

4)  Tell your agent what price you would like to offer on a home. He/She will help you through this process by doing a CMA. At what price you buy is where you will make your money(it is the one part of the long term transaction that YOU control completely, so save money here).

5)  Your agent will write up an offer that you will need to sign.

6)  The selling agent will probably come back with a counteroffer that you will have to work with and make some addendum too(Your Realtor will prepare all the paperwork for you to sign).

7)  Once accepted you get your loan so you can close the transaction.

8)   Transaction closing
-Purchase home insurance(optional).
-Purchase title insurance on the home(required).
-Both buyer and seller sign closing papers.

9)  The house keys are turned over to you at the time of closing (if that is what your Realtor put in your contract).